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Good news! Yining Hydraulic selected 2022 "Zhejiang Made Quality"

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good news

 Recently, it was learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology's announcement of the 2022 "Zhejiang Made Quality" list that 239 products in Zhejiang Province were identified as the 2022 "Zhejiang Made Quality" products. The products of 24 companies in Ningbo were selected, and Yining Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was among them.



Ningbo Lijin Technology Co., Ltd.

IMPRESS-Ⅲ PLUS DCC4500 large cold chamber die casting machine

Ningbo City level


Ningbo Haitian Precision Co., Ltd.

Five-axis linkage machining center for titanium alloy parts processing (GTI2740\GFT2740\GFU2840)

Ningbo City level


Telecom Technology Co., Ltd.

The fifth generation mobile police terminal and its system-P999-XD

Ningbo City level


Yining Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Integrated hydraulic winch

Ningbo City level


Ningbo Huamida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


HMD368M8-SP high speed thin wall precision injection molding machine

Ningbo City level