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IWYHG series high speed hydraulic rotary device


The hydraulic slewing device for IWYHG series excavators consists of a valve group with braking function, a hydraulic motor, a brake, and a multi-stage planetary reducer. It is characterized by high working pressure, stable operation, and can effectively absorb the impact of hydraulic pressure and external loads. Its output gear shaft directly drives the ring gear of the rotary platform. The whole machine has compact size and light weight, and makes the whole machine compact in structure and appearance. Beautiful. Save space, easy to install and maintain. Therefore, this product has been widely used in the rotation and leveling drive devices of engineering vehicles, crawler excavators, aerial work vehicles, rail vehicles, and other equipment. It can also be used in rack and pinion drive devices of non-open control drilling rigs. The product is not only sold well across the country, And exported to Singapore, India, South Korea, the Netherlands and other countries and regions. Product models listed represent products already in production by the company. We can also provide products with other installation dimensions and different transmission ratios according to customer requirements. If necessary, please contact our company's technical or sales department.

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