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Hydraulic motors and pumps


1, the axial piston element of the straight axis swash plate structure has a fixed displacement, and is used as a hydrostatic pump and motor in the open or closed circuit. When operating as a pump, the flow rate is proportional to the driving speed and displacement. When operating as a motor, the output speed is proportional to the flow rate and inversely proportional to the displacement. The output torque increases with the pressure difference between the high and low pressure sides. 2, features a. High performance rotary components with time-tested spherical plate with automatic centering, low circular speed, high efficiency advantages. b. Excellent self-priming capacity and rotational speed. c.IS0 Install the flange

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I3V112-2 IN

The I3V series plunger pump is a swash plate type axial plunger variable pump, the product adopts the company's many years of design experience and advanced processing methods, and under the strict quality management system to supervise the production, effectively ensure the high load capacity and operational reliability. 2, characteristics I3V series pump is a high pressure, high efficiency swash plate piston pump, the pump mainly has the following characteristics: 1, high power density due to the use of semi-cylindrical swash plate, to achieve the product of high pressure and small weight, increase the power density, and series variable double pump with auxiliary gear pump, to achieve the transmission efficiency and the overall small weight.

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IMC series hydraulic motors inherit the advantages of IMB series static pressure balance, with the same high efficiency as IMB series, high starting torque, high volumetric efficiency. The IMC series of hydraulic motors has a dual displacement function that allows you to select from a wide range of displacement options suitable for specific application needs. The displacement can be changed by remote control or manually switching or manually switching the direction control valve mounted on the motor, and can be achieved simply and easily during motor operation. Its main features: 1, there are two displacement, so when the pump oil flow is unchanged, the motor can get two speeds

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IMB series radial static pressure balance hydraulic motor - higher pressure, faster speed, greater power its main features: 1, the relative motion of both sides of the curved surface and eccentric wheel is designed to static pressure balance, solve the problem that the crankshaft and connecting rod type high-power hydraulic motor crank is crushed by the roller, so the motor has higher pressure, faster speed, more power performance output. 2, connecting rod ball head and plunger internal ball socket with special technology and static pressure balance structure, reduce the friction of ball hinge pair, thereby reducing the lateral force between the plunger and cylinder wall movement. Make cylinder wall and plunger wear less. 3, the plunger sealing ring adopts the structure of expansion when doing work and contraction when returning

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IPM series motor is the company absorbed many advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and combined with their own more than ten years of practical experience and developed a new product. It has a wide displacement range of the same series of products, strong replaceable (a large number of non-calibration products to choose from, can replace other brands at home and abroad), strong and durable, beautiful and generous. 3, Model example IPM3-300D31 indicates the IPM motor of the base type 3 series, the nominal displacement is 300ml/r, the output shaft is a standard rectangular external spline shaft, and the valve type is D31 without measurement

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INM series hydraulic motor

INM series motor is based on Italian technology, combined with the company's many years of production practice experience for design improvement, the company has a utility model patent intellectual property rights, the motor internal dynamic components bearing capacity, high anti-pollution ability, mechanical efficiency and volume efficiency. 1) Because there is no lateral force between the piston and the swing cylinder, the piston bottom is designed with a static pressure balance structure, and the torque is transmitted between the piston and the crankshaft through the rolling bearing, which reduces the friction loss in the process of force transmission. As a result, INM series hydraulic motors offer high mechanical efficiency and high starting torque. 2), the plane distributor is simple and feasible

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