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Planetary reducer


IE series planetary reducer is composed of multistage planetary transmission. It has the characteristics of small radial size, modular design, large output torque, various output shaft forms, high transmission efficiency, low noise, and good economy. Therefore, it is widely used in construction engineering, railway, highway, ship, petroleum, coal mine, metallurgy and other machinery. According to different needs, users can choose different types of hydraulic motors or motors as driving components. 3, Model example IE613-N110IAR indicates that the maximum radial size of the planetary reducer is 610mm, and the three-stage planetary transmission is adopted

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IGH series hydrostatic rotary reducer is the ideal rotary reducer parts for wheeled or crawler excavators, rotary drilling RIGS, crawlers and truck cranes, Marine crane and other equipment that need to drive rotary tables, and can provide reliable performance under very harsh operating conditions. Product structure is compact, space saving, high efficiency, long life, built-in multi-disc parking brake, easy installation and maintenance. The modular design, optimized gear manufacturing, and high-quality production processes guarantee high load carrying capacity and operational reliability. The installation connection dimensions and main technical parameters of the product are imported from Europe

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Wind up end support shaft

Overview The IGC-W series hydrostatic winch reducer is the ideal drive device for the winch, providing reliable performance under very harsh operating conditions. The product adopts the company's many years of design and manufacturing experience, standard modular concept and advanced processing means, effectively ensure the high bearing capacity and operation reliability. Because it is very compact, it can be installed directly inside the drum, saving space. It is characterized by high working efficiency, good reliability, compact structure, high working pressure, and can be matched with various types of hydraulic motors. If required, hydraulic motors and supporting functional valve sets can also be included in the reducer supply

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IGC series compact high-speed shell reducer is the ideal reducer in the transmission mechanism. Due to their particularly compact structure, these reducers can also be used in places where installation environments are extremely difficult. The product adopts the company's patented technology and design experience and advanced processing means, effectively ensuring the high bearing capacity and reliability of operation. The designed reducer not only meets the Rexrox-type series standards, but also can be designed to provide similar alternatives with Brevini, Teijin, Fujikoshi, KYB, Fairfield or Saao according to specific needs. Because the company has very

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The IGC-J series planetary reducer is the ideal transmission device and has been successfully used in a wide variety of operating conditions. Based on many years of experience and a wide range of products and applications, the company is well aware of the industrial requirements that planetary reducers need to meet. This series of planetary reducer has the characteristics of compact structure, good reliability and high mechanical efficiency. Combined with various brands of hydraulic motors and electric motors, it can be used to increase mechanical torque in various fields of hydrostatic transmission. The company's quality management system conforms to the requirements of ISO9001:2000, which can effectively ensure the high quality of products. The company has special research and development

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