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Punch the Asian Games torch road, in the name of youth one by one remember Yining hydraulic youth group construction activitiesPunch the Asian Games torch road, in the name of youth one by one remember Yining hydraulic youth group construction activities

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In the golden autumn of October, the sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant. In this harvest season, it coincides with the successful conclusion of the 19th Asian Games. On October 13, Yining Hydraulic organized young employees to conduct a team-building activity, walking the Beilun Meishan route of the Asian Games torch relay, and conducting knowledge Q&A and discussion along the way. Fun check-ins such as artifacts, games, and quizzes. Use "fire" as a matchmaker to relay the spirit of the Asian Games.



Before departure, Vice Chairman Chen Qin vividly explained to Yining’s friends the arduous entrepreneurial journey of the older generation of Yining people. At the same time, he encouraged young people to have the courage to work hard and make extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions. , injecting new momentum into the development of Yining.




The starting point/end point of this event is Meishan Red Bridge, and it loops around Meishan Bay Bay Park. The total route is 6.5 kilometers. Along the way, there are beautiful sea of ​​flowers and characteristic Asian Games sculptures. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful Asian Games torch relay route. Before setting off, Yining’s friends shouted out the activity slogan of “Confidence and optimism, dedication to work, fearlessness in the future, and courage to move forward” under the Meishan Red Bridge. The passionate shouts and overflowing smiles were the spirit of Yining. vitality.


It is understood that the "Asian Games Line" starts from the south dam of Meishan Bay Waterway and ends at Meizhong Village, Meishan Street. It is surrounded by Xinhuo Asian Games Plaza, Meishan Bay Slow Walking Trail, scenic village Meigang Village, Meishan Saltworks Memorial Hall, and the intangible cultural heritage village Mei Zhongcun and other characteristic nodes.



In this event, PK will be conducted in groups, and the winner will be the one with the fastest walking speed and the highest punch-in score. In the tense and joyful atmosphere, the teamwork ability of new employees was strengthened and everyone's friendship and feelings were enhanced. While sweating, we welcomed the first group to reach the finish line.



 Other groups also arrived one after another.



At the end of the event, Vice Chairman Chen Qin personally awarded the prizes to the winning teams of this event and took a group photo with the winning teams cordially.


Friends who are willing to Ning, never bow down in the face of difficulties, never shrink in the face of challenges, never give up in the face of setbacks, walk in the present and not be afraid of the future. Since you choose a distant place, you only have to worry about the wind and rain.

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