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Good news! Yining Hydraulic selected the fourth batch of national specialized special new "Little Giant"

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On the evening of August 8, the Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Bureau was entrusted by the Ministry of Economy and Information Technology to issue the "About the Fourth Batch of Specialized, Specialized and New "Little Giant" Enterprises in Ningbo and the First Batch of Specialized, Specialized and New "Little Giant" Enterprises that Passed the Review "Notice of List Announcement", Yining Hydraulics was selected into the fourth batch of specialized and new "little giant" enterprises.


Specialized, Specialized and New "Little Giants" are based on the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the cultivation of the fourth batch of specialized, specialized and new "Little Giant" enterprises and the review of the first batch of specialized, specialized and new "Little Giant" enterprises. 》 (Enterprise Letter [2022] No. 133 of the Department of Industry and Information Technology) requires that it be recognized after preliminary review and recommendation by the competent departments of small and medium-sized enterprises at all levels, demonstration of restrictive conditions by industry associations, expert review and other processes. It is the first step in the national small and medium-sized enterprise assessment work. Authoritative honorary title.

Being selected as a national-level specialized and new "Little Giant" enterprise is an affirmation of Yining Hydraulic Company's past achievements. At the same time, it also inspires Yining Hydraulic to continue to innovate in intelligent transformation, technology application and industrial development.