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HYLJ series hydraulic winch is composed of a variety of valve with one-way balance valve and control brake high-pressure shuttle valve, INM type hydraulic motor, Z type brake, C type planetary reducer, drum, frame and clutch components (hydraulic system principle see the figure), users only need to be equipped with pump station and reversing valve. Because the winch has its own valve set, it not only simplifies the hydraulic system but also improves the working reliability of the transmission device. The hydraulic valve group of HYLJ type has successfully solved the problems of empty hook jitter and secondary sliding in lifting in general winch, so that HYLJ type hydraulic winch can work in lifting and lowering



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    IYJ-L series hydraulic winches are composed of various integrated valve blocks with one-way balance valves and high-pressure shuttle valves to control brakes, hydraulic motors, Z-type brakes, planetary reducers, drums, frames and clutches. Users Just equip the pump station and reversing valve. Since the winch has its own valve group, it not only simplifies the hydraulic system but also improves the working reliability of the transmission device. When equipped with a two-speed motor, the winch has two adjustable speeds. When an axial piston motor is used, the working pressure of the winch can be increased, thereby increasing the driving power, making it suitable for high-power winches.

    The IYJ-L hydraulic winch operates smoothly during lifting and lowering operations. The final stage of the winch is equipped with a clutch (the company's invention patent), so it has the function of free lowering. The winch has beautiful appearance, compact size and good economy. It can be widely used in lifting equipment such as pipelayers, crawler cranes, truck cranes, grab winches, and gravity crushers. This product has been mass-produced and is widely used in China. , and exported to the Middle East, India, Africa, Russia, the Netherlands and other countries and regions.


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    3. Model examples

    IYJ34-75-88-22-L-ZPGH4 means that the primary gear module of the planetary reducer is 3, the secondary gear module is 4, the rated pulling force of the first layer of the winch is 75KN, the rope capacity is 88m, and the wire rope diameter is 22mm, final transmission belt clutch, multi-disc brake and one-way balance valve, using a high-speed motor drive system with a set pressure of 25MPa Yining brand hydraulic winch.

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