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  • 1 Overview

    The IYJ series hydraulic winch adopts the company's patented technology and consists of various integrated valve blocks, hydraulic motors, brakes, planetary reducers, reels, frames, clutches and other components composed of high-pressure shuttle valves with one-way balancing valves and controlled brakes. Composed, the user only needs to equip the pump station and reversing valve. Since the winch has its own valve group, it not only simplifies the hydraulic system but also improves the working reliability of the transmission device. In addition, it also has the characteristics of high starting and working efficiency, high power, low energy consumption, low noise, beautiful appearance, compact size, and good economy. This product can be widely used in construction engineering, petroleum, coal mines, machinery, Among geological drilling, ship deck machinery and other equipment, the products have not only been sold well across the country, but also exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, South Korea, Russia, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands and other countries and regions.


    2. Model description

    3. Model examples

    IYJ334-75-88-22-ZPG means a three-stage planetary reducer driven by a planetary reducer with primary, secondary, and third-level gear modules of 3, 3, and 4 in sequence. The rated pulling force of the first layer of the winch is 75KN, and the rope capacity is The capacity is 88m, the diameter of the wire rope is 22mm, it is equipped with a multi-disc brake and a one-way balance valve, and is a hydraulic winch driven by a high-speed motor.


    4. Parameter description

    a. The total displacement refers to the theoretical oil supply required per rotation of the drum (ml/r).

    b. Oil supply flow refers to the theoretical oil supply flow of the pump. System volumetric efficiency (L/min) should be considered in the calculation.

    c. The rope capacity is the theoretical rope capacity of the winch (m). The actual allowable effective rope capacity should consider retaining at least 3 turns of wire rope on the drum to prevent the rope head from coming out.

    d. The working pressure difference is the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic motor when the winch is working (MPa).

    e. This series of winches can be equipped with a rope pressing mechanism, the last three turns of the wire rope to prevent the rope from falling off, an alarm device, a rope arranging device, a speed measuring shaft and a clutch (all are options, the user can specify it when making a contract according to the actual situation).


    5. Our company has a series of final-stage winches with clutches. For details, see the IYJ---L series free-lowering hydraulic winches in the sample, as well as the IYJ---C series marine mooring winches, ISYJ series vehicle winches, and IYJ-N Series built-in winches, etc.

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