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The IKY series hydraulic drive for tracks (wheels) consists of a valve bank with braking function, a hydraulic motor, a brake, and a first or second planetary reducer. It is characterized by high working and starting efficiency, reliable work, the output is a rotating shell, can be directly connected with the wheel or track drive sprocket, due to the smaller axial size, so it can be hidden in the wheel or track, this feature improves the walking machine through the ability, and make the machine compact shape beautiful. Therefore, the product has been widely used in engineering vehicles, crawler excavators, trenchless drilling RIGS, drilling RIGS, rail vehicles, coal boring machines
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  • 1 Overview

    IKY series crawler (wheel) hydraulic transmission device consists of a valve group with braking function, hydraulic motor, brake, and one- or two-level planetary reducer. It is characterized by high working and starting efficiency and reliable operation. Its output is a rotating casing that can be directly connected to the wheel or track drive sprocket. Due to its small axial size, it can be built into the wheel or track. This One feature improves the overall passing capacity of the mobile machinery and makes the entire machine compact in structure and beautiful in appearance. Therefore, this product has been widely used in the drive devices of tracks or wheels of engineering vehicles, crawler excavators, trenchless drilling rigs, down-the-hole drilling rigs, rail vehicles, coal boring machines, mining drills, rotary drilling rigs and other equipment. The product is not only a best-seller Nationwide and exported to Singapore, India, South Korea, the Netherlands and other regions.


    2. Model description


    3. Model examples

    IKY34A-6500D240201Z means that the planetary reducer is a two-stage reduction, the first stage of gear module is 3mm, the second stage is 4mm, the design sequence is A, the nominal total displacement is 65ml/r, the hydraulic motor distributor model is D240201, with brake .


    4. Explanation of terms

    (1) Total displacement (ml/r): the amount of oil required for each revolution of the hydraulic transmission device.

    Total displacement (ml/r) = hydraulic motor displacement (ml/r) * reduction ratio

    (2) Pump theoretical oil supply flow (L/min) = [total displacement (ml/r) * hydraulic transmission device output shaft speed (r/min)]/1000

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