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IDJ electric winch Description IDJ series electric winch mainly consists of electric motor with brake, planetary reducer, drum and frame and other components. It has the characteristics of simple and compact structure, beautiful appearance, no pollution, high reliability, good economy, etc., so it is widely used in various ship deck machinery, construction machinery and other fields. Especially in recent years, with the development of frequency conversion technology, winches driven by frequency converter motor are more and more widely used because of their characteristics of energy saving, no pollution and good economy.



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    IDJ series electric winches are composed of motors with brakes, planetary reducers, reels, frames and other components. Users only need to equip the electrical box. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple and reliable structure, no pollution and good economy, so it is widely used in various fields of ship deck machinery, engineering machinery and other fields.


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    IDJ23-10-30-14 indicates that the planetary reducer of this winch is a two-stage planetary reducer. The first-stage gear module is 2 and the second-stage gear module is 3. The rated tension of the first layer of the wire rope is 10KN, and the coil The theoretical rope capacity of the drum is 30m, and the diameter of the wire rope is 14mm.