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10T gram hoist combination winch
  • 10T gram hoist combination winch

10T gram hoist combination winch

Crane winch Crane winch mainly consists of hydraulic motor, brake, planetary reducer, drum and combination frame and other components. It has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance and high reliability. The double drum type is used on the ship, so that the ship has more deck area available, and the impact on the sight of the bridge upstairs is less. Deck crane is easy to operate, high loading and unloading efficiency, flexible and flexible, and there is no tedious preparation work before operation. The company has produced 20T, 25T, 30T, 35T, 40T, 50T and other series winch, has been widely used in ship deck machinery



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  • 1 Overview

    The IYM series hydraulic anchor winch is composed of a valve group with braking and overload protection functions, a hydraulic motor, a planetary reducer, a hydraulic (manual) band brake, a hydraulic (manual) jaw clutch, a frame and other components. Since the winch has its own valve group, it not only simplifies the hydraulic system but also improves the working reliability of the transmission device, and allows the HYM hydraulic mooring winch to run smoothly during lifting and lowering operations. In addition, it also has a starting function It has the characteristics of high working efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, beautiful appearance, compact size and good economy. This product has been widely used in various ships.


    2. Model description


    3. Model examples

    IYM4-Ф32 means that the planetary reducer module of this winch is 4 and the diameter of the anchor chain is 32mm.

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