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The introduction of Yining Company's excellent performance model and the launch of Chuangbeilun District People's Government Quality Award project

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On the afternoon of May 4th, Yining Company held the "In-depth Introduction of Excellent Performance Model and the Launching Meeting of the Beilun District People's Government Quality Award Project" in the conference room on the third floor. The meeting started with the video playback of the 5.4 special issue "Strugglers Are Young" prelude. The company-wide introduction of the excellent performance management model aims to promote management upgrades, create excellent performance, build confidence, practice internal skills, and enhance Yining's competitiveness.



Company leaders, leading cadres above the section chief level, and relevant management personnel attended the meeting. Teachers Song and Zhang, experts from Ningbo Yunqi Company and consultants for this project, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yu Kainong, the company’s quality director.  


At the kick-off meeting, the company's general manager Chen Qin first gave a wonderful lecture on the standards, significance of introduction, and work ideas of the excellent performance management model with the theme of "Unifying Thoughts, Building Confidence, and Practicing Internal Strength to Welcome the Spring". Mr. Chen pointed out that we must build confidence, take advantage of the off-season to practice internal skills and improve corporate management. Management is soft power, and what we pursue is the improvement of soft power.



In terms of advancing the work, Mr. Chen put forward three requirements. First, we must unify our thinking, raise awareness of the importance of implementing the excellent performance model, and form a "big quality" concept throughout the company; second, strengthen learning and training to improve team learning; third, strengthen organizational leadership, and ensure that all employees Coordinate and cooperate.



At the meeting, Mr. Chen announced the list of the leading team and the promotion team of the project "In-depth Introduction of Excellent Performance Model and Creation of Beilun District People's Government Quality Award". Li Feng, a member of the promotion team, made a statement. Li Feng said that in promoting this work, we still need to have the courage to overcome difficulties and a down-to-earth style. We must learn new concepts with an open mind, correct and correct while learning, and strive to make progress. At the kick-off meeting, Mr. Song, an expert from Ningbo Yunqi Company, conducted training on "Introduction to the Excellent Performance Model and Key Points of the Excellent Performance Evaluation Criteria" for the mid- to high-level cadres attending the meeting.



Finally, Mr. Chen emphasized that company leaders and department heads should fulfill their responsibilities, be brave in taking on responsibilities, unite and lead all employees, promote the implementation of the excellent performance management model in accordance with the requirements of the three aspects, and strive to build our common home of Yining.